Doctoral Scholarships 2015

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This year 34 Doctoral Scholarship applications were received; 16 for Allied Health, 8 for Medicine and 10 for Nursing. The quality of applications was high and as a result additional scholarships were funded.

Doctoral Scholarships were awarded to individuals from the following organisations:

Allied Health

Ms Sarah Hall
University of Melbourne
Project: “Investigating emotional and social function in acquired brain injury.”
$20,000 – 2015, $20,000 – 2016


Dr Deepthi Iyer
University of Melbourne
Project: “Dating violence, help-seeking and the role of technology: perceptions among Australian young women.”
$20,000 – 2015, $20,000 – 2016.

Dr David Vaughan
Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
Project: “Functional MRI of Olfaction in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.”
$20,000 – 2015.


Ms Rhonda Garad
Deakin University
Project: “Enhancing health literacy to optimise health equity across Victorian CALD communities.”
$20,000 – 2015. $20,000 – 2016.

Mrs Rebecca Madill
University of Melbourne
Project: “Exploring the spatial distribution and impact of access to health care services across Melbourne’s growth areas.”
$10,000 – 2015, $10,000 – 2016.