Grants awarded for 2007

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This year $223,138 was spent by the Foundation on 1 Health Services Fellowship and 10 Special Grants

The focus of the Health Services Fellowship was “Mental Health in Adolescents” or “Dementia” – 22 applications were received.

106 applications were received for the Special Grants. There was no specified area of focus.

Health Services Fellowship – $80,000

Dr Sophie Reid
Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
Project – “Changing the face of adolescent depression intervention: The development of a mobile phone monitoring programme for general practice.”

Grants of up to $15,000 were awarded to individuals at the following institutions:

South West Healthcare
Project – “Evaluation of a regional/rural acute stroke unit, including role of Stroke Liaison Nurse.”

Austin Health
Project – “Implementation & evaluation of a clinical pharmacy service for elderly hospital outpatients.”

Monash University
Project – “An Evaluation of a Juvenile Justice Health Promotion Program.”

University of Melbourne
Project – “Young mothers and mental health: How mothers’ groups can help.”

St Vincent’s Hospital
Project – “The ‘SBAR’ (Situation, Background, Assessment, Response) project will examine current perceptions of safety and communication skills in junior medical and nursing staff in St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, before and after and ‘SBAR’ educational intervention.”

Monash University
Project – “DSCR1 and Alzheimer’s disease.”

University of Ballarat
Project – “Ride.Life Mountainboarding Program for Rural Youth.”

Austin Health
Project – “Comparison of swallowing recommendations when using Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) and clinical examination in dysphagic stroke patients.”

Sunbury Community Health Centre Inc
Project – “Health through Swimming: A New Model Swimming Program for Children with Intellectual and Sensory Needs.”

Peninsula Health
Project – “Social dimensions of adherence to an Agestrong exercise program for the over 70s.”