Grants awarded for 2008

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This year $209,130 was spent by the Foundation on 15 Special Grants

131 applications were received. There was no specified area of focus.

This year also saw the introduction of the ‘Mary Patten Special Grant’ in which a project that stands above the rest is recognised via use of the title, ‘Mary Patten Special Grant’. Ms Mary Patten was a past Governor of the Foundation for 14 years. This title is recognition for her contribution and years of service.

A Health Services Fellowship was advertised, with the focus being “Rural Health – Alcohol and Drug Services or Incontinence” 9 applications were received, however they were not of the calibre being sought, so no Fellowship was awarded.

Health Services Fellowship

No Fellowship was awarded.

Grants of up to $15,000 were awarded to individuals at the following institutions:

Mary Patten Special Grant
Sunbury Community Health Centre Inc
Project – “KickStart Swimming Program: Replication of the Kick Start Swimming Program in Community Settings.”

Burnet Institute
Project – “SMS to improve young people’s sexual health.”

Monash University
Project – “The Metropolitan Fire Brigade Emergency Responder Program – A Review of the First Seven years.”

The Baker Heart Research Institute
Project – “Healthy Hearts – Beyond City Limits.”

Monash University
Project – “A team approach for optimising medication outcomes in primary care.”

Kyabram and District Health Services
Project – “Beyond the Gate.”

Monash University
Project – “Strengthening the Bite – Improving oral healthcare for people living in aged care facilities in Hepburn Shire, Victoria.”

La Trobe University
Project – “Is strength training beneficial for adolescents with Down Syndrome?”

Melbourne Health
Project – “Is liver fat quantification with clinical MRI accurate enough to replace the need for liver biopsy?”

Melbourne Health
Project – “Implementation of a Donation after Cardiac Death (DCD) Program at The Royal Melbourne Hospital.”

Monash University
Project – “Young adults’ perspective of their recovery process from serious mental illness during adolescence.”

RMIT University
Project – “Efficacy and safety of a Chinese herbal medicine formula in the management of simple obesity: Randomised placebo-controlled clinical trial.”

Monash Institute of Medical Research
Project – “Evaluating the potential of Protein C to modulate the inflammatory process in neonatal chronic lung injury.”

Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
Project – “Improving the engagement, detection and management of adolescent depression: Applying the mobiletype program to general practice settings.”

Monash Institute of Medical Research
Project – “The impact of obstructive sleep apnoea on cardiovascular function: are children with Down Syndrome at higher risk?”