Grants awarded for 2005

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This year $155,606 was spent by the Foundation on 2 Fellowships;
1 Visiting and 1 Health Services; and 5 Special Grants.

3 applications were received for the Visiting Fellowship. The focus of the Health Services Fellowship was “Promoting Health in Adolescents and Children”. 4 applications were received for the Health Services Fellowship.

49 applications were received for the Special Grants. There was no specified area of focus.

Visiting Fellowship – $25,000

Ms Joan Yalden & Prof Margaret O’Connor, Nursing Peninsula-Monash University
Visit by Prof Alison Richardson, King’s College London for 4 weeks in relation to chronic illness management and palliative care.

Health Services Fellowship – $56,850

Dr Jane Munro, General Medicine Department, Royal Children’s Hospital
Project – Kids Comfort: Procedural Pain Management at the Royal Children’s Hospital – we can do it better!”

Grants of up to $15,000 were awarded to individuals at the following institutions:

Alfred Hospital
Project – “Non invasive analysis of hand tremor to aid correct diagnosis of tremor disorders.”

The Northern Hospital
Project – “The effect on an evidence based education program on the fever management practices of Emergency Department nursing staff.”

Austin Health
Project – “Evaluation of a Best Practice Model of Psychological Intervention for an Australian sample of Cancer Patients.”

Monash Medical Centre
Project – “To establish the ‘Health for Kids’ Paediatric Evidence Centre.”

Austin Hospital
Project – “Investigating inter- and intra-rater reliability of Fibreoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (Fees®), a new procedure for evaluation and managing swallowing disorders.”